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"The Uncle" is a text as clever as it is outrageous, a picaresque novel about a hero for whom the reader never knows whether he wants good or evil.

PORTRAIT Michael Ostrowski
PORTRAIT Michael Ostrowski Schaffernak

A rogue, philistine, trickster, family and love novel without precedent, funny and wicked, sad, morally dubious and heartwarming.

Elfriede Jelinek also thought so, writing the following about it:

"Someone writes who knows how things work. We like to go along with it a bit more comfortably, before the institution is turned into Kerbholz and we can no longer sit anywhere. I is another. I am more than another? Some are more than the many? Andre lead a double life, which is more difficult than two simple ones. One knows nothing of the other or the wrong thing? Disappointed become disappointed, and brothers become enemies, and who does the woman take? The more promising one? Sure! Read for yourself this promising book! Are you stuck? The book will push you until you see the light. Maybe in a simple family house from the early seventies? Anything is possible. You can end up anywhere, like the hawk in the henhouse."

Tonight, you don't have to read for yourself: Michael Ostrowski is reading with Sven Regener!

The two have been close friends since "Contact High" and are looking forward to the evening together at Pfefferberg!

Music by the Dynamic Duo Zebo Adam and Lin Benda, who will accompany the reading with their music.

Zebo Adam (guitar, bass, keyboard): Film composer and two-time Amadeus winner as producer of Bilderbuch (Schick Schock, Magic Life).

Lin Benda (drums, loops, guitar, keys): Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist

An event by Literatur LIVE in cooperation with Rowohlt Verlag and Thalia Buchhandlung.
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