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SKIN IN THE GAME features seminal works from the 1970s and early 1980s from the personal archives of internationally renowned women artists. On display are never-before-seen experiments and generative elements such as recordings, storyboards, maquettes, and concept notes. These "prototypical" works symbolize moments of emancipatory transition in the individual careers of each of the women artists. While fragmentary, broken down, and mutable, as prototypes they are likely to be repeated and revised over time. They become the organs of a corpus, a body of work, in a metabolic sense.

KW Institute for Contemporary Art von außen
KW Institute for Contemporary Art von außen © KUNST-WERKE BERLIN e. V., KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Foto Uwe Walter

The SKIN IN THE GAME exhibition offers glimpses into the inner workings of artistic practice prior to the final production and presentation of an artwork. Here, the artists' personal research collections become the starting point for seminars with artists and curators of the younger generation. In this way, KW creates a study environment or bureau d'esprit for visitors.

The participating artists will be announced in early 2023.

Through a diverse outreach and events program, SKIN IN THE GAME tests the methodology of the Metabolic Museum-University (MM-U) project that Clémentine Deliss (The Metabolic Museum, Hatje Cantz/KW, 2020) has been developing at various venues since 2015. It is an art-led curatorial platform that experiments with collections as prototypes for open-ended investigations and transdisciplinary exercises.

Beginning in February 2023, documentation of previous events such as the MM-U Debating Chamber, held at KW in 2021, will be made available on a project-owned website.
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KW is only partially accessible for visitors with limited mobility. KW wants to make a visit as barrier-free as possible. For this reason, they are constantly working on supplementing and improving their offerings and welcome suggestions. Contact: or 030/24 34 59-0.