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Psychothriller by Jussi Adler Olsen

One room, empty, no windows, no light. Nothing. Only concrete. A woman who everyone thinks is dead. But on that day, in 2002, on the ferry to Puttgarden, she was kidnapped. She's been a prisoner ever since. Day after day, month after month, year after year.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Erbarmen
© Herbert Schulze

No contact outside. On her birthday, the pressure in her prison is increased, first by 1 bar, then by 3, then by 5, who are the perpetrators? The darkness eats itself into the soul. In Copenhagen, in 2007, the presidency of the Criminal Investigation Department set up a special department to get rid of the uncomfortable Commissioner Carl Mørck. He is given the task of re-examining unexplained cases. He is assisted by Hafez el-Assad, allegedly a Syrian who has astonishing skills, especially in the culinary and military field. Mørck reluctantly starts to work. The first case that arouses his interest is that of politician Merete Lynggaard, who disappeared without a trace years ago. The research did not yield any results, it was declared dead. Mørck soon discovers sloppiness and inconsistencies in the documents. A horrible hunch is creeping up on him.

Programme in German

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Participating artists
Manfred Bitterlich (Ausstattung)
Jussi Adler Olsen (Autor/in)
Silvio Hildebrandt (Kommissar Carl Mørck)
Alejandro Ramón Alonso (Hafez el-Assad)
Kristin Schulze (Merete Lynggaard)
André Zimmermann (Lasse Jensen)
Maria Jany (Lis Sorensen/ Sos Norup)
Karl-Heinz Barthelmeus (Heimleiter Rasmussen)
Altorimianos Alexander (Tage Baggesen/ Pelle Hyttestedt/ Jonas Hess)
Peter Groeger (Stimme von Kriminalrat Marcus Jacobson)
Wolfgang Rumpf (Stimme Erzähler)
Berliner Kriminal Theater