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Silent film by Gerhard Lamprecht from 1926, accompanied live on the Mighty Wurlitzer theater organ by Anna Vavilkina

The silent film "Menschen untereinander" (People Among Themselves) (premiere: April 3, 1926 in Berlin) depicts the social microcosm of an apartment building whose residents represent a cross-section of poverty, corruption and compassion. The later "Emil und die Detektive" director Gerhard Lamprecht impressively shows the coexistence of social classes. "Menschen untereinander" is one of the milieu studies Lamprecht shot in Berlin in the 1920s on original locations and partly with amateur actors; because they were inspired by the drawings of Berlin painter and photographer Heinrich Zille and promoted by his advice, they were soon also called "Zille films." (

Szenenfoto aus dem Stummfilm "Menschen untereinander"
Szenenfoto aus dem Stummfilm "Menschen untereinander" Stiftung Deutsche Kinemathek

The film is accompanied live by Anna Vavilkina on the Mighty Wurlitzer theater organ.
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