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Program of MARGA Bach

Men over 40 years - yes, we need them! Certainly they would not have expected this admission from Bach. But the advanced Middle Ages have so many loveable chaotic idiosyncrasies that it's really fun to talk and sing about it.

Männer über 40
Männer über 40 © Jean Molitor

Men will be glad about this esteem and women will laugh one another - of course, without it will not work. Since MARGA Bach still says "I'm too stupid for a rendezvous", she just has to "Good guys" in their special way to stop and "What wer'n the Leit sag'n" "she remains relatively low - be because, they can not talk with laughter.

This time around, she is accompanied on the black-and-white keys by an extremely calm Wolfram Lauenburg.

(Program in German)

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Berliner Schnauze - MundART und Comedy Theater
Berliner Schnauze - MundART und Comedy Theater