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„Überragend“ „böses“ Programm eines „erstklassigen Kabarettisten“

Max Uthoff is coming. Of course, there are other things to do that evening. If you don't want to feel taken seriously, turn on the TV. If you're plagued by a longing for perception and like to be reduced to your function as a consumer:in, get on the Net with you. If you want to feel fundamental doubt about the decisions you make in life, take a look at who's lying in bed next to you.

KEY VISUAL Max Uthoff: Moskauer Hunde
KEY VISUAL Max Uthoff: Moskauer Hunde Dominic Reichenbach

Or spend an evening with Max Uthoff, who will give you all these feelings at once. An evening that makes a different person out of you: two hours older and with less money in your pocket. But don't we all long for change? Exactly. Or was it that which we fear the most? How should I know?

Anyway, Max Uthoff is coming. You already know what that means for you.

Press reviews

  • "A first-class cabaret artist" Stuttgarter Zeitung
  • "Outstanding. No one has been so convincingly evil and at the same time entertaining in German cabaret for a long time" Sü
This show is only played in German.

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