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Uli Hoeneß, money and German soccer - The book to the award-winning soccer podcast

Max-Jacob Ost
Max-Jacob Ost © Heidi Mayer

You either love or hate Uli Hoeneß, but if you want to understand why the Bundesliga is the way it is, you can't get around him. Max-Jacob Ost delves into the life story of the man who shaped German soccer like no other. Hoeneß' biography seems like the substrate of the fates of an entire team: World champions. European champion. Sports invalid. Youngest manager. Title collector. Benefactor. Tax evader. Sole survivor of a plane crash. Millionaire and prison inmate.

There are Netflix series in which less happens. Ost has spent four years researching the life of Uli Hoeneß and the history of the league, has conducted interviews with companions; friends and opponents of Hoeneß.

An event by Literatur LIVE in cooperation with dtv and the Thalia bookstore.

(Program in German)

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