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Following the double screening, the films’ directors and one of their protagonists discuss the developments between their projects and in the 10 years since – a migrant perspective on the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Mauern 3.0
© Maxim Gorki Theater - 2021

For his film Duvarlar – Mauern – Walls, director Can Candan asked Berliners of Turkish origin about the effects of reunification on their daily lives in 1990/91. They question their future in reunified Germany and report on increasing experiences of racism.In Mauern 2.0 the filmmakers Jana König, Elisabeth Steffen and Inga Turczyn follow up with some of the film’s protagonists ten years later, posing the same question: »How are racism, nationalism and economic exploitation seen today?«

(Program in German)
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