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/ Rachael Mauney & Telmo Branco

Matrilineal is a dialogue between body based artist Rachael Mauney (they/them) and singer/sound designer Telmo Branco (they/them) to examine domestic violence in heteronormative family lineages.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: MATRILINEAL
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This work addresses the oppressive mentality which enables this abusive cycle to continue, as well as the hopeful revolution of emancipation.

The heteronormative concept of “woman” involves a type of resilience that thrives in alienation, silence, and delusion. It is yet another example of the way the gender binary is used to oppress, in this specific case within the patriarchal institution of family.

Matrilineal reflects on the aftermath of domestic violence and the cycle which is exhumed in each generation, while proposing the abolition of heteronormative family values as a conduit of liberation.
Additional information
Concept and performance Rachael Mauney Sound design and videography Telmo Branco

With the support of DISTANZEN Solo, Rachael is currently developing "Matrilineal: Performance Project and Activism Concerning Domestic Violence", and involved in community activism through the political movement Queer Trans Liberation.