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This year, the International Museum Day will be celebrated on May 15 from 13.00 to 18.00 (last admission 17.30). Admission is free on this day!

Führung im museum FLUXUS
Führung im museum FLUXUS © museum FLUXUS

This year's International Museum Day tour is dedicated to Mary Bauermeister, a very diverse, exciting and important artist in the museum FLUXUS+ collection. She does not describe herself as a Fluxus artist, but is firmly intertwined with the origins of this movement. How exactly, everyone will find out together.

In front of originals by the artist and other Fluxus colleagues, we will dive into the 60s in Cologne and discuss, among other things, the famous 'Atelier Bauermeister', 'Happenings' as well as various of the existing works by Mary Bauermeister.

(Program in German)
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