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After their performance in Budapest, Mandoki Soulmates, once called "one of the best bands in the world" by the late soulmate Greg Lake (Emerson, Lake [&] Palmer), have announced further concerts.

Mandoki Soulmates "Utopia for Realists - Hungarian Pictures"
Mandoki Soulmates "Utopia for Realists - Hungarian Pictures" © Concertbüro Zahlmann GmbH

The tour for their studio album "Living in the Gap [&] Hungarian Pictures," which was interrupted due to the pandemic and featured many sold-out shows, will continue next fall in Berlin on Nov. 05, 2022.

During the lockdown and closed concert venues, Leslie Mandoki and his soulmates produced a unique world-wide online concert in March 2020 titled "Music is the Greatest Unifier!" that has thrilled some one and a half million viewers on TV and YouTube. The concert was recorded at Mandoki's recording studio on Lake Starnberg, where soulmates joined in live from all corners of the globe.

Mandoki, who has made it his mission to unite prog rock with jazz rock to create a new, sound-aesthetic experience and to bring this music back to socio-political relevance, recalls: "In the 30th year of the Mandoki Soulmates' existence, the success of our online concert shows us how much people are touched by our unifying message.

We will only overcome the global challenges - pandemic, financial and economic crises, migration and integration, climate change - if we overcome the divisions across all borders.

That's why we need to be louder than ever!" This is what her latest work stands for: "Utopia for Realists"

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