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Love, Maite - The Happy Show

"Laughter. Amaze. Hits." - the additional motto of the tour already hints at it: The new show will be so much more than an evening full of hits, it will be a journey through this magical bag of wonders called life.

KEY VISUAL Maite Kelly - Love, Maite - Die Happy Show
KEY VISUAL Maite Kelly - Love, Maite - Die Happy Show © Jens Hocher

Maite Kelly

Full of surprises and with a big pinch of self-irony, it goes through all the lovingly observed stories that make Maite's music so unique in little stories and expressive songs. Between laughter and amazement, something really great emerges, an unforgettable feeling of togetherness. Now finally live again. With all the hits. And lots of love. Just Maite.

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