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Impressive magic with a portion of acrobatics, plus a lot of craziness are the entertaining components of the recent magic show in the winter garden in Berlin.

Weird birds, women with strong characters and some of the best magicians in the world make up the cast of this brand new production.

MAD MAGIC! The Crazy Variety Show

Sarcastic presentations, surreal moments and optical illusions combine with world-class artistry, avant-garde juggling and a large dose of humor to create a unique spectacle.

Poetically floating spheres invite you to dream, Angolan bending artists create goosebumps - and when the brutal knife thrower Igor throws axes at his wife, some viewers will cling to their seats.

Stereotypes of magic are turned upside down - and the white rabbit, which has been passively pulled out of a hat for centuries, dares the revolution and takes over the scepter himself with sawed-up maidens and headstrong magic assistants.

Look forward to seeing the French cult magician Otto Wessely again. In addition, the always bad-tempered moderator Hieronymus ensures head-shaking laughter.

MadMagic! – the slightly different magic show in the conservatory!

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