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Ralf Forster, Johanna Pichlmair, Jana Krämer, Matthias Benker, Andreas Timm

The lunch concerts are ideal for working people who are looking for relaxation with chamber music during their lunch break, and for music-interested tourists who want to relax from sightseeing, for all those who shy away from a late drive home after the evening concert, or for all those who would like to experience the musicians:inside for once away from "official" concert events.

Philharmonie Berlin, Außenansicht im Sommer
Philharmonie Berlin, Außenansicht im Sommer © visitBerlin, Foto Uwe Steinert

Work performed:
Johannes Brahms: Clarinet Quintet in B minor op. 115

Visitors of all ages are welcome to attend the luncheon concerts. Please note that the concept of the luncheon concerts is not explicitly aimed at children.

In consideration of the performing artists and the other concert guests, we ask interested parents to consider before attending a lunch concert whether their child is able and willing to sit still for about 45 minutes.
Additional information
Participating artists
Johannes Brahms (Komponist/in)
Andreas Timm
Matthias Benker
Jana Krämer
Johanna Pichlmair
Ralf Forster
Philharmonie Berlin