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Nir de Volff | TOTAL BRUTAL

love & loneliness in the 21 century is a dance-performance solo about a man living in Berlin captured within a midlife crisis.

Love & Loneliness in the 21 Century
Love & Loneliness in the 21 Century © Jan Boeve

In the spot light, a masculine body performs. By doing so, it encapsulates a plethora of life experiences, memories, lovers, regrets, mourning, and the loss of time. It is a body full of contradictions, disappointments, injuries and scars.

In love & loneliness in the 21 century the protagonist will use surrealistic comments on his own complex reality, in order to induce heavy moments with ridiculous-meaningful moments. With naked truth, the performer honestly peels layer after layer of his emotional-physical lack of welfare unfolds.Choreographic and textual narratives, displaying the complexity of aging and reflected through the individual(the microcosm) onto the society we live in (the macrocosm), a society that hasn’t stopped worshipping youth since the times of classical Greece.

With authenticity, dark humor, original music and songs, “love & loneliness in the 21 century” will present a sincere one man show.

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Additional information
By and with: Nir de Volff

Special guest: Francisco Bejarano Montes de Oca

Music: Klaus Erbskorn

Photo: Jan Boeve


A Nir de Volff / TOTAL BRUTAL production

with the support of Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin – Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur

with special thanks for Dejan Buchin, DOCK 11 Berlin
Dock 11
Dock 11
Dock 11