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The loading street of the German Museum of Technology and the Science Center Spectrum offer many colourful activities, guided tours and demonstrations for the whole family, for young and old!

Whether it's a Carrera track, a short guided tour through the net exhibition or research with experts in the Science Center Spectrum: there is something exciting for everyone to discover. 

The over 300-metre-long Ladestraße is a living place with history: six former warehouses of the old Anhalter freight station have been converted for museum purposes over the past twelve years. Now the permanent exhibition "Mensch in Fahrt - unterwegs mit Auto & Co." can be seen there, presenting carriages, bicycles, motorbikes and 30 automobiles from different eras. In the permanent exhibition "The Net. People, cables, data streams" brings 200 years of technical networking to life. The special exhibition "Madness - Illegal Car Racing. How do we stop the speeding frenzy?" has been extended at short notice due to its great success - the Long Night of Museums offers another opportunity to take a look at it. 

In the outdoor area, visitors can experience overtones up close with the help of a water jumping bowl, the Long Night team invites you to creatively design axolotl sock puppets, the witch's house seemingly revolves around itself and robot NAO shows what it can do. This year, the Universal Compressed Air Orchestra, an original "one-man music operation", will be creating a great atmosphere on the forecourt of Ladestraße. 

Morse code machines can be used to send coded messages. But how does it work and how do you decode the message? Visitors to the Long Night of Museums can send messages back and forth to each other with Morse code machines and teleprinters and watch them being automatically written on paper with a loud rattling sound. 

What would a technically improved version of our hand look like? British artist Dani Clode presents her experiment to optimise the human body - an artificial sensor-controlled extra finger. Presentation in English with hands-on experiment for all. 

Fantastic objects from the 3D printer and Berlin hieroglyphics Trains, ships and aeroplanes from the 3D printer? Is that science fiction? During the Long Night, the manufacturing technology of 3D printing will be shown in action and on a small scale. Visitors can see how an object is created line by line from plastic. They can also make their own small works of art with the help of the 3D printing pen. 

In the education room in Ladestraße, guests young and old can control robots and other devices to paint patterns, make music or embroider. Just try it out! The team helps with age-appropriate programming language. Visitors can also combine old handicraft techniques of textile and jewellery production with modern LED technology. By soldering or weaving conductive yarn, they can make luminous jewellery and textile accessories to light up the Long Night of Museums.    

Also possible for the Long Night of Museums: simply drive a locomotive yourself. The 0 and H0 gauge model railway in the Ladestraße offers the opportunity to do so. For the Long Night, model railway experts will put the old locomotives back on the rails. All locomotive fans can control the trains themselves! 

At the Spectrum Science Centre, guests can experiment to their heart's content during the Long Night - experts from the centre will be on hand to offer advice and assistance. In addition to the witch's house that confuses the senses, the curious experimental cabinet and do-it-yourself magic tricks, the Spectrum offers an exciting insight into the Milestones school laboratory: Here, replicas of famous researchers bring the history of science to life.  

Food and drink will be well catered for: in "TorEins", the museum restaurant with a large terrace and a wonderful view of the Park am Gleisdreieck, there will be plenty of refreshments for the long-night revellers - parallel to the radioeins summer festival in the park. Culinary delicacies ranging from bratwurst to vegetarian delicacies will be on offer in the open air right at the front entrance to Ladestraße - cool drinks included. The bistro "Tor25" in Ladestraße offers strong coffee, tempting cakes and other snacks to support the Long Night.

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