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History, games and house music under the motto "Sounds of Berlin" await you until late at night in the historic ambience of the Biedermeier period.

The sound of the city is the theme of this year's Long Night of Museums. Intimate noises such as Alexander von Humboldt's snoring, the music of a huge whistle clock and echoes of house music from then and now convey that a museum can also be an acoustic experience. During guided tours through the exhibition or a puzzle game for the whole family, you will also learn the background and stories about the historic Knoblauchhaus, one of the last Berlin town houses of the Biedermeier period.


6 p.m. + 8 p.m. + 10 p.m
short tour
Biedermeier can be so entertaining!
The tour through the house of the Knoblauch family offers private insights into the bourgeois lifestyle of the Biedermeier period (1815-1848). An informative quick tour through the historic rooms.

6 p.m. – 2 a.m
Puzzles for children & families
Eight exciting puzzles invite young and old to explore an apartment from the Biedermeier period together. Anyone who has guessed everything knows how the Knoblauch family got rich.

7 p.m. + 9 p.m. + 11 p.m
Short presentation with curator Dr. Jan Mende
Urania and the Lyremaid
In 1797 the Berlin Oberhof clockmaker Johann Jacob Möllinger built the huge flute clock exhibited in the Knoblauchhaus. Sculptor Emanuel Bardou created the crowning alabaster figure of Urania. Even if it sometimes sounds crooked: the mechanism works and plays the overture to "Fanchon, the hurdy-gurdy girl" by the Berlin concertmaster Johann Heinrich Himmel. Music from around 1800 – live from the pinned roller!

19:30 + 21:30 + 23:30 + 0:45
House music in the Biedermeier period: what was “in” back then?
Between the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815 and the March Revolution of 1848, it was common to arrange popular melodies from orchestral works for the piano. Pianist and qualified music teacher Grit Schulze plays works by Friedrich Kuhlau, Ludwig Berger, Fanny Hensel and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy on the lyre piano in the style of that time.

12:15 a.m
short tour
Bedtime with Alexander von Humboldt
Why is the polymath's bed in the Knoblauchhaus Museum? dr Jan Mende, curator of the exhibition "Berliner Leben im Biedermeier", presents his favorite object.

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