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Exhibition opening in cooperation with the Museum Berlin-Karlshorst

Without the Soviet Union and its victory over Hitler's Germany, there would have been no GDR. But how much room for manoeuvre did the SED leadership have vis-à-vis Moscow, and how strong was the dependence on Soviet gas and oil? What role did encounters with people, books and films from the multi-ethnic Soviet Union play?

Didn't the USSR also provide impulses for the GDR – in space travel, in sport and, since 1985, in the politics of perestroika? All of these questions are addressed in the special exhibition, which was developed jointly by the Museum Berlin-Karlshorst and the DDR Museum. 


Sören Marotz

Exhibition Director DDR Museum, Berlin


Dr. Jörg Morré

Director Museum Berlin-Karlshorst, Berlin
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