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Lightsaber fencing is reminiscent of epic duels from a distant galaxy, but here there are no staged choreographies or show fights, but rather safely executed techniques within a clearly defined set of rules that give the whole thing a sporting character.

For this purpose, specially made sports lightsabers are provided that were developed specifically for LudoSport, which is the official name for lightsaber fencing. LudoSport is practiced by around 5,000 athletes worldwide and has now also gained a foothold in Germany. Anyone between the ages of 13 and 900 can take part.

Anyone who has always wanted to fence with a lightsaber without risking an arm has the opportunity here.

A LudoSport workshop for adults will take place in Berlin on March 16, 2024 at 4:30 p.m. The age of participation is from 13 to 900 years. Sporty clothing, something to drink and fun are required.

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