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In the frame of Fold – Fragile Welten

Lethe is a work dedicated to the Tagliamento river, one of the last great untamed waterways in Europe, which is threatened by industry and global warming.

From 2021 to 2023, artist Sandra Man, musician Judith Hamann, and dancer Laura Siegmund conducted several expeditions to northern Italy. Immersing themselves in the region’s unique riverscape, they each formed an artistic response to the natural surroundings by their respective means – language, movement, and sound.

This work brings together their different approaches in the expansive space of Uferstudio 14 to create a live environment of choreographic landscape videos with, text spoken live by dancer Lisa Densem, and sound.     

The title Lethe refers to the underworld river of Greek mythology that marks the boundary between existence and non-existence. Those who drink from it are said to experience a moment of intense remembering before forgetting everything.

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Lethe is a project inspired by the Tagliamento, one of the last untamed rivers in Europe. An untamed river is not regulated. Its water flows in several natural streams along the riverbed. Lethe is a work combining videos of the river landscape, live spoken text, and sound.

As part of the eighth fold Fragile Worlds, the Tanzfabrik is showing works that deal with the instability of the world in very different ways, subtly and ironically. What is man's relationship to nature today? And what is his relationship to himself?
Additional information
A production by Sandra Man. Co-produced by Tanzfabrik Berlin.

Supported by: the Hauptstadtkulturfonds and the Land Kärnten.


Idea, text, video: Sandra Man

Sound: Judith Hamann

Live performance: Lisa Densem

Landscape performance: Laura Siegmund

Artistic collaboration: Moritz Majce

Translation: Anna Galt, Lisa Densem

Stage design: Nicolas Navarro Rueda, Sandra Man

Production management: Tiphaine Carrère

Technical direction: Marc Lagies

Installation construction: Jan Hoffmannmi

Outside eyes: Heike Albrecht, Katharina Wallisch

Audiodescription: Emmilou Roessling in cooperation with Silja Korn


Sandra Man (she/they) is an artist and writer. Since 2017 she has worked predominantly outdoors, focusing on the relationship between the body and the natural world. She creates live environments combining performance, texts, and videos such as «Aeon I-III» (with Moritz Majce), «Telos» (2022), «Nackte Erde» (2023).

Sandra has collaborated for many years with the dancers Lisa Densem and Laura Siegmund. 

Lethe is their first collaboration with cellist and composer Judith Hamann.