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The first exhibition in the 2022 cycle of the showcases the work of the artist Raphaël Larre, curated by Anne-Laure Lestage.

Institut francais
Institut francais © visitBerlin, Foto Thomas Kierok

In search of new forms of line painting, French artist Raphaël Larre devotes himself to drawing. His studies put on paper, guided by movement and expressed as drawing or performance art, show the things of life - the street, people, nature - as they are.

Raphaël Larre draws spontaneously, outside his studio, capturing transience with ease. Modeled on Parti pris des choses by poet Francis Ponge, his graphic works function like living poetry, sometimes narrative, metaphorical, contemplative, or witty. Like a cloud passing along the sky, he tries to give beauty to simple things of everyday life with his drawings.

The exhibition is located in the showcases attached to the building and is open to the public.
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