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Welcome to the Berlin nightlife of the 20s

Leave your inhibitions at the door and immerse yourself in a world of scandal, intrigue and boundless pleasure. Celebrate the grotesque and the bizarre. Immerse yourself in a decadent production and dance the night away with The Beautiful and The Damned.


Le Pustra's Cabaret of the Nameless is a provocative play and contemporary interpretation of the progressive cabaret culture of the Weimar era and the hedonistic nightlife of post-war Berlin.

Drawing on various infamous Berlin cabarets, including the Eldorado nightclub (1928), the Weiße Maus cabaret (1919), and of course Erich Lowlinsky's original Kabarett der Namenlosen (1926), Le Pustra re-imagines Berlin's legendary nightlife.

The stage becomes an intimate salon of 1920s Berlin nightlife, where habitués emerge from a tableau vivant typical of the period into the light of intermingling scenes to tell their stories of the then zeitgeist of sexual freedom and avant-garde art in different ways. The goal of this elaborately curated production is not only to understand but also to celebrate the heady but unstable zeitgeist of the interwar period in Europe's new sex capital, Berlin.

The Cabaret of the Nameless premiered in Berlin in March 2016 at the intimate Ballhaus Berlin (built in 1905), with its final performance in March 2020. The project was conceived and directed by English actor and dazzling art figure, Madame Le Pustra (Babylon Berlin, seasons 3 to 4) and co-produced by the grande dame of 1920s entertainment, Else Edelstahl (Bohème Sauvage).

Le Pustra says, "I want to offer our audience a voyeuristic glimpse into the erotic and smoky underworld of a mysterious nightclub, where you might encounter the icon of Weimar nightlife, the scandal-ridden dancer, Anita Berber, or the nude dance ensemble Ballet Celly de Reidt at one of their infamous beauty parties." Berlin's infamous and almost mythical nightclubs and erotic hotspots continue to fascinate us today. Thus, Berlin tourists, artists and historians are always on the lookout for the 20s and their mythical divine decadence à la Sally Bowels from "Cabaret".
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