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Marley Siti Munroe aka Lady Blackbird has created a masterpiece between pop, jazz and soul with her latest studio album "Black Acid Soul". Songs like "Five Feet Tall", "Blackbird" and "Beware The Stranger" are dark and beautiful. Above all, they are also perfectly sung. The Los Angeles-based Lady Blackbird needs only her voice and a piano. Nothing impresses better than her "Black Acid Soul"!

Lady Blackbird 2022
Lady Blackbird 2022 Lady Blackbird 2022 credit tony duran

In the fall of 2022 there was a new work of the musical lady: "Feel It Comin" is a struggling groover, about which Lady Blackbird says: "It's the old familiar story of a person who wants to make it from dishwasher to millionaire. It shows that we all have to crawl in the dust before we learn to fly. It's also a story about how worldviews about sexuality and gender identity have changed and continue to change. In the midst of a movement that advocates for acceptance and inclusivity for all, I hope this song keeps you all dancing through the psychedelic night!"

As a member of the LGBTQIA community, this message is especially close to Lady Blackbird's heart. It's the perfect announcement for her upcoming tour - where everyone can dance, sway, hum and sing with her through a psychedelic night.

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