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Lady Bird Lad is the musical project of Harry Hudson-Taylor. He is a singer-songwriter and producer based in Berlin.

PORTRAIT Lady Bird Lad
PORTRAIT Lady Bird Lad © Promo

He was raised in Dublin, Ireland and has had a career in music for the past 15 years.

Harry played as one half of the acclaimed Irish band Hudson Taylor. Harry is currently working on his first release music as Lady Bird Lad which will come later this year.
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Every Thursday we have a concert with a Singer/Songwriter or a small band.

It’s Berlin nowadays: The City has become a magnet to musicians from all over the world or from just around the corner. Creatvity and talent is on the street playing for small change, on the stages of open mics or maybe in the bar in your street.

The Tik has a stage for these musicians, every thursday.
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