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Working, living and economic environments are experiencing profound change processes. LABOR.A® 23 shows how these processes can be designed – and highlights their diverse challenges.

Exciting discussions, top-class speakers, over 40 partner organizations and concrete insights into practice.

Current social debates are discussed in six panels curated by the Hans Böckler Foundation. From possible conflicting goals between good work and climate protection to the four-day week and artificial intelligence, from global framework conditions to regional design spaces.

In 19 sessions, the partners from trade unions, politics and civil society will show their work on specific issues. Who is helping to design? What resources do we need for successful social-ecological transformation? When does it need to be regulated? Where does transformation actually take place?

LABOR.A® takes place hybrid. Participation is possible both on site at Cafe Moscow and online via Seats at Cafe Moscow are limited – first come, first serve.

(Program in German with English translation)
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