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Claudio Maniscalco's award-winning show is a crowd-pleaser and has been running with nearly 400 sold-out shows and now for over seventeen years!

In the story, a shy Berliner travels to Italy for a typical Italian wedding. But the papagallo has cheated and his bride is furious! From now on, the Berliner stumbles into a whirlpool of comedic drama. And sometimes the spirited Maria appears, who bewitches and completely confuses the Berliner.

La Famiglia - The musical dinner show

When the show begins after the antipasti appetizer and one of the divas enters the stage, it crackles with eroticism. Comedians Santiago Ziesmer or Henry Nandzik provide many laughs. Host "Grande Signore" Claudio Maniscalco wonderfully plays the sympathetic embodiment of a macho Italian.

Culinary, musical and comedic pleasure for all!

Laughter-table celebrations, that's La Famiglia!

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DIVANO - Zwölf Apostel Gemeinde