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As part of the Jewish Cultural Days 2022

Immigrant, Enlightenment philosopher, and self-made intellectual: Moses Mendelssohn was already a European celebrity in his own time and remains a central figure in German Jewry today. Exhibition curator Inka Bertz introduces you to the debates of the Enlightenment and Mendelssohn's life and work in Berlin. With his arguments for the emancipation of Jews, for minority rights and the separation of state and religion, Mendelssohn opened paths to modernity - and still provokes questions about Jewish identity today.

Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Außenaufnahme
Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Außenaufnahme © Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Foto: Jens Ziehe

Language: German

35th Jewish Culture Days
September 10-18, 2022

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Jüdisches Museum Berlin