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by and after Walter Hasenclever

The comedy from the 1920s takes a biting swipe at a corrupt theater system. Stage stars of the time appear in it with their real names and real obsessions - and the author Walter Hasenclever himself as his own tragic figure.

KULISSEN © Fabian Raabe

A theater practice becomes his undoing, where vain self-promoters dominate the houses and stage a ridiculous antechamber power apparatus.

The author had tried it with observational, expressionistic writing, as well as with shallow entertainment in the struggle for royalties and advancement. None of it worked in his eyes. And when the Nazis came to power, a fragile world finally collapsed for him and many of those around him; in 1940 he took his own life in exile.

In his updating adaptation of KULISSEN, director Eike Weinreich also includes autobiographical texts by Hasenclever and refers to the situation of theater professionals today. What will we do in the future with our art and the existing structures, and above all with old, outdated material?

In the course of the Molkenmarkt plans, the TD Berlin also recalls its own prehistory in the supposedly golden 20s with this house production. In a church building at the current location, a "Goethe stage" showed sophisticated contemporary plays for a few years before Nazi propaganda replaced art in this space as well.

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TD Berlin (war: Theaterdiscounter)
TD Berlin (war: Theaterdiscounter)
TD Berlin (war: Theaterdiscounter)