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Queer weeks in the Brotfabrik

A shy village beauty discovers her lesbian inclination in the big city. However, she finds it difficult to develop a lasting relationship. What is most disturbing is that she does not openly admit to her predisposition. With a heavy heart, she returns to her Westphalian home to rehearse her coming out in the village.

Brotfabrik am Caligariplatz, Weißensee
Brotfabrik am Caligariplatz, Weißensee © tic / Friedel Kantaut

Funny film about returning to the place of childhood and the difficulties of coming out to the family. Both the first crush for the teacher and the question of the heterosexual best friend whether one has ever been in love with her and why not, if one denies this, are not forgotten.

All this is portrayed in an amusing way, without making fun of the characters. It succeeds in capturing the scent of the small village world.

Germany 1994 - 88 minutes - Feature film - German version
Director: Angelina Maccarone
With: Julia Richter, Alexandra Wilcke, Nina Weniger, Inga Busch and Florian Lukas

Location: BrotfabrikKino Berlin
Caligariplatz 1
13086 Berlin

(Program in German)
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Brotfabrik Kino
Brotfabrik Kino