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G. Boyd Kuhlmann

Apart from the flock, a sheep encounters a wolf. To avoid being eaten, it devises a ruse and asks the wolf to play the flute so it can dance one last time…

Ballhaus Ost | KLITTERN
Ballhaus Ost | KLITTERN © Constanza Meléndez

Based on the fable “The Wolf and the Kid as Musicians,” ascribed to the ancient poet and slave Aesop, the piece investigates figurations of resistance. It is primarily concerned with those scenarios of domination in which the underdogs cannot count on the support of official institutions or legitimate forms of political power.

The simple plot of the fable is retold again and again in changing genres as tactics of non-participation and withdrawal are explored in a model-like manner:Strategies of camouflage, practices of friendship, prophecies of radical change, aestheticist compensations, apocalyptic fantasies, and mystical transformations appear on the scene.

The titular method of ‘klittern’ – the contorting and connecting of disparate materials according to a dubious agenda of gross mischief – is personified by the authorial alter ego G. Boyd Kuhlmann, who invokes the 17th-century love poet Quirinus Kuhlmann as well as the B movie pioneer of the 1990s erotic thriller, Gregory Dark.

Languages: German, English

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with Mervan Ürkmez, Stanislav Iordanov, Elena Wolff

Direction, Text Lennart Boyd Schürmann

Dramaturgy Moritz Nebenführ

Costumes Carla Renée Loose

Composition Stanislav Iordanov

Stage Moritz Nebenführ, Lennart Boyd Schürmann

Light Maxi Blässing

A production by BRUCH, Otto Falckenberg Schule / Münchner Kammerspiele, in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost. Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste (Wiederaufnahmeförderung Neustart Kultur), Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München, Kunstverein München, OTTE Metallbau, Richard Stury Stiftung and streitfeld.
Ballhaus Ost
Ballhaus Ost