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Die Reinterpretation des Radīf

In four concerts, the composer, virtuoso and tar master Elshan Ghasimi presents her interpretation of the system of classical Persian art music: the Radīf. Ghasimi is thus the first woman to dedicate herself to the renewal of this centuries-old tradition, which dates back to the time of the Achaemenid Great Kings.

Elshan Ghasimi von der Seite im Portrait
Elshan Ghasimi von der Seite im Portrait Stark & Shakupa

To kick off the concert series, which is scheduled to run for several years, Ghasimi will interpret the melodic repertoire of the Dastgāh-e Shur subsystem.

The concert on November 10 will be introduced by British opera and music critic Michael Church and Prof. Dr. Stefan Weber, director of the Museum of Islamic Art.

The Museum of Islamic Art is a cooperation partner of this concert series.

Elshan Ghasimi (*1981 in Isfahan, Iran) works as a musician and composer in meeting spaces of tradition and modernity, West and East, music and other art forms. Ghasimi's approach is essentially shaped by the tradition and practice of Radīf, the repertoire of Persian classical music transmitted through years of immersion and internalization. She has been living in Germany since 2016.

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Artistic director of the project: Julian Malte Hatem Schindele

The event series is supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin.

Cost: 16 € regular / 8 € reduced

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