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Masked Beatbox Theatre

After more than 10 successful years of class class and class tour, the guys of the masked pieces are finally about to graduate from school and the troupe makes a last trip together. It goes to a campground. Finally living by their own rules, finally grown up! Snogging under the starry sky, peeing without a flashlight in the dark forest, staying awake until sunrise: That's the smell of happiness, that's the feeling of freedom!

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Klasse Glück
Jörg Metzner

But in the wildness of nature, bourgeois domesticity takes hold. A fine hierarchy creeps into hippie life. Suddenly everyone is carrying a backpack, which should have been dropped long ago. Happiness, just within reach, threatens to disappear.

For an international audience - (almost) without words!
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Koproduktion mit Theater Duisburg

Educational Services
Participating artists
Stephanie Dorn (Kostüme)
Mira Laskowski (Theaterpädagogik)
Daniel Mandolini (Musik)
Michael Ottopal (Bühne)
Dana Schmidt (Co-Regie)
Michael Vogel (Maskenbau)
Lukas Besuch
Berta del Ben
Daniel Mandolini
Melanie Schmidli
Manuel Tschernik
Jana Heilmann
Theater Strahl
Theater Strahl
Theater Strahl
Theater Strahl