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It’s all about a little thread that appears and grows, from one actor to another. The thread swings and tinkles, whirs and coos. Every time it moves, sounds become visible.Webs, mountains and valleys, lakes, animals and dwarfs are all created in a fun way. Each has its own sound. Look! A second thread has popped up! We want to know more...

Klangfäden © Petra Albersmann

Klangfäden is a theater concert for eyes and ears.

A fine piece of magic for children from 2!

The reservation of the performances from 23-25.11. is reserved for school or daycare groups at or 030 4234314.

Notes on accessibility: Information about the structural accessibility of the venue can be found here.

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Additional information
Idea, play Martina CouturierLive vocals, music Mette Nadja HansenArtistic accompaniment Christiane Ahlhelm, Cinira Macedo, Anna RosenfelderSzenografy Dirk RiethmüllerCostumes Adelheid
Schaubude Berlin