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For the second iteration of Sound in the Garden artist caner teker will present KIRKPINAR, a performance with music by Lou Drago.

KIRKPINAR is a performance that situates Turkish oil wrestling (Yağlı Güreş) as a site where the power dynamics of history, masculinity, vulnerability, and intimacy can be investigated. Performed by Ewa Dziarnowska and Rayne, KIRKPINAR inserts a new kind of eros to the formal structure of the traditional martial art: one which moves beyond readings of aggression to foster new structures pertaining to the radical potentials of care and rituality.

caner teker (b. 1994, Duisburg, Germany) interrogates rituals and queer intimacies, translating them through the choreographer and performance artist’s Turkish heritage. They work with bodies traditionally excluded from the mainstream to reconfigure the parameters of contemporary dance, building both an oeuvre and community based on an ideal teker described in a recent interview as “queer, anticapitalist, intersectional, transformative, accountable, and parasitic.”
Admission and bar: from 6:30 p.m.
Venue: Neue Nationalgalerie, Sculpture Garden

Admission: Free. The number of participants is limited.
The exhibitions "The Art of Society", "Gerhard Richter, 100 Works for Berlin", "Teching Hsieh", "Judit Reigl, Centers of Dominance" and "Isa Genzken, 75/75" are open until 8 pm as part of Volkswagen Group Art4All with free admission.

Sound in the Garden is supported by Volkswagen Group: Partner of the National Gallery.Sound in the Garden is made possible by the Friends of the National Gallery.

This year the Neue Nationalgalerie is continuing for the second year the Sound in the Garden a summer series of concerts and sound performances. Sound in the Garden aims to expand the musical spectrum and bring contemporary formats to the stage.
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