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Kirill Petrenko presents two key works of the 20th century: with Kammersinfonie Nr. 1, Arnold Schoenberg initiated a turning point in his oeuvre, away from the full sound of late Romanticism and towards a modern, sinewy musical language.

The expressive power that this can generate is also shown in his unfinished oratorio Die Jakobsleiter, for which Schoenberg was inspired by an Old Testament story: Jacob’s dream of the ladder to heaven that leads to God is taken by the composer as a parable for man’s search for spirituality.

Arnold Schoenberg
Chamber Symphony No. 1 op. 9

Arnold Schoenberg
The Jacob's Ladder, Oratorio

  • Wolfgang Koch - Baritone (Gabriel)
  • Daniel Behle - Tenor (A Called One)
  • Wolfgang Ablinger-Sperrhacke - Tenor (A Rebel)
  • Johannes Martin Kränzle - baritone (A Wrestler)
  • Gyula Orendt - Baritone (The Chosen One)
  • Nicola Beller Carbone - Soprano (The Dying One)
  • Liv Redpath - Soprano (The Soul/Faraway 1)
  • Jasmin Delfs - soprano (The Soul/Height 1)
  • Rundfunkchor Berlin Choir
Additional information
Participating artists
Berliner Philharmoniker
Wolfgang Koch
Daniel Behle
Wolfgang Ablinger-Sperrhacke
Johannes Martin Kränzle
Stephan Rügamer
Gyula Orendt
Nicola Beller Carbone
Liv Redpath
Jasmin Delfs
Gijs Leenaars
Rundfunkchor Berlin
Kirill Petrenko