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Drawing-wise, Gausmann is interested in the superimposition of lines and the spatiality created by the condensations and voids on the surface and in space. Her means are restrained and chosen in accordance with the desire to let the space in which she makes settlements breathe in its architectural simplicity.

The result is a spatial drawing based on photographic movement sequences:  On the Baltic coast, standing on one leg, she photographed the horizon line of the water for 2 minutes in continuous shooting mode. The resulting 200 photographs capture the interplay of the minimal movement of her body with the barely perceptible moving water line and form the basis for drawings, which she enters into the drawing space using various means.

In terms of content, she is fascinated by how we as humans are inescapably involved in the movements of the planet and its elements, which take place in extremely different time frames and dimensions and thus each stand in a different relation to the human measure in space and time.

Finissage: 22.10.2023, 16.00 Talk between Gati Gausmann and Claudia Busching
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