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»Die Träume anderer Leute« – Judith Holofernes erzählt, Nora Tschirner liest: Eine Buchpremiere

Album, promotion, tour. For almost twenty years, the dynamics of the music business determined Judith Holofernes' life. During this time, with "Wir sind Helden" and her solo project, she became one of the best-known and most influential singers of her generation. In her autobiographical book, she now looks back on the time after the heroes, on crises, dreams and a groundbreaking decision - and shows herself to be a subtle storyteller.

Judith Holofernes | Nora Tschirner
Judith Holofernes | Nora Tschirner © Marco Sensche | Marco Justus Schoeler

With great clarity and tenderness and her characteristic wit, Holofernes writes about the curse and blessing of the early success of the heroes; about the compatibility of family and being a front woman; about the public perception of her own body, growing up with her lesbian mother in Freiburg; about the deep cuts in her life, the doubts, the pain. Again and again it is also about the music industry, about the relationship to her fans, strange concerts in the light, but also about the rigid mechanisms of the business and sexism.

In "Other People's Dreams," Judith Holofernes impressively shows how she gradually freed herself from the commercial constraints and confines of the music business. How she became the artist she wanted to be for so long - and thus got her life back.

"Other People's Dreams" will be published by Kiepenheuer & Witsch Verlag on September 8, 2022; the audio book of the same name, spoken by Nora Tschirner, will be released by Lübbe.

(Program in German)
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