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The quartet around Berlin's exceptional drummer Johannes Metzger now presents its second album. "How Far?" is a thoughtful, admonishing and stirring album about the state of the immediate environment, but at no point lecturing or patronizing.

The musicians express in no uncertain terms what is on their minds.
To make themselves understood, they work with moods that range from questioning to dystopian, and structures that are not infrequently appellative. In the idiom of contemporary jazz, the artists create pulsating grooves, spherical soundscapes and delicate sound paintings. As a highlight for this release concert, the band has invited Gwylim Simcock on piano as a guest.

The joy of spontaneous creation together can be heard in every single note. Because all musicians have in common that they do not play for themselves, but for their listeners.- Wolf Kampmann

With all the freedom of the individual, the quartet never drifts apart, so that the music remains round for the listener.- Jazzthetik

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