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A wie Jüdisch, Jüdisches Museum Berlin
A wie Jüdisch, Jüdisches Museum Berlin © Jüdisches Museum Berlin

A is for Jewish

Journeys through Now in 22 Letters

Using the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, the exhibition explores keywords, concepts, and what is “Jewish” in Germany today. In the process, light is shed on very different aspects of the German-Jewish present and perceptions of norms are critically examined.



Jüdisches Museum Berlin

Lindenstraße 14 10969  Berlin

Who knows the “Jewrovision?” – for the keyword “Youth,” the exhibition presents the largest Jewish song and dance competition for children and young people, at which around 1,200 participants presented their interpretation of the Jewish Circle of Life at the beginning of 2018. The letter “Daled” stands for “disintegration” and describes a provocative movement of a new generation of Jewish artists who no longer want to be considered victims by German remembrance culture.

The post of a young Israeli who justified his move to Berlin with the cheap chocolate pudding prices at a German discounter made it from Facebook to the museum – and thereby triggered a debate in Israel. And where to find Berlin’s best hummus definitely belongs in a show on the German-Jewish present.

The exhibition was developed with Berlin school students, whose work is on show. Funded by the Friends of the Jewish Museum Berlin.

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