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Beatrice Zweig in exile

"I drew, and all my sorrows vanished." What Beatrice Zweig formulated in the early 1920s can be seen as the artist's motto for life. Having fled Germany into exile in Palestine, she found inspiration in the bright colors of the country, exhibited her works and, despite all fears and material difficulties, kept her zest for life.

The historian Maren Jung-Diestelmeier and museum director Bernt Roder remember this extraordinary, self-determined personality.

The event takes place as part of the Days of Exile. The audience-oriented program of events and encounters gives people in exile a platform and bridges the gap between the present and the past. The events encourage dialogue and understanding between old and new citizens in order to contribute to better cohesion in the city.

The Days of Exile have been taking place regularly in Hamburg since 2016, in other cities such as Frankfurt a. M. and this year for the first time in Berlin, the program is also present.
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