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Ginevra Panzetti & Enrico Ticconi

Following their performative surveys of urban spaces and natural landscapes, the duo Panzetti / Ticconi are now taking on islands: emblems of isolation. Taking this geographical and symbolic topos as its point of departure, this choreography for four dancers places its initial focus on the individuals, their interior lives and the profound depths of oneself.

Though at first, the castaways lose themselves in narcissism, their collective plaint slowly allows gestures of connection to emerge. This process is accompanied by music inspired by cantu a tenore, a polyphonic form of singing in Sardinia.

  • Italian with English surtitles
  • 13.8. audio description

60 min

As part of Tanz im August

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Additional information
Production Management Sofia FantuzziManagement & Distribution Aurélie MartinItalian administration Federica Giuliano (VAN)Logistics Eleonora Cavallo (VAN)Production Panzetti / Ticconi GbR; Associazione Culturale VANCo-production Tanz im August / HAU Hebbel am Ufer, PACT Zollverein, Julidans Amsterdam Funded by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe Supported by JUMP network formed by Oriente Occidente, Festival MILANoLTRE, I Teatri di Reggio Emilia, Lavanderia a Vapore/Piemonte dal Vivo, Marche Teatro/Inteatro Festival, Orbita, Scenario Pubblico/Centro di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale, Teatro Comunale di Vicenza, Teatro Stabile dell'Umbria / Torinodanza Festival / Teatro Stabile Torino - Teatro Nazionale / Le Manège, scène-nationale - Reims / Le Pacifique – CDCN Grenoble Auvergne Rhône-Alpes in partnership with CCNR/YUVAL PICK within the framework of Accueil Studio / Chorège – CDCN Falaise Normandie in partnership with the network Les Petites Scènes Ouvertes with the sponsorship of Caisse des dépôts / Centre Chorégraphique National de Nantes within the framework of Accueil Studio / Kinosaki International Arts Center (Toyooka city) / Fuori Margine Centro di Produzione di Danza e Arti Performative della Sardegna
Participating artists
Ginevra Panzetti (Konzept, Choreografie, Stimmen)
Enrico Ticconi (Konzept, Choreografie, Stimmen)
Sissj Bassani (Mit)
Efthimios Moschopoulos (Mit)
Aleksandra Petrushevska (Mit)
Julia Plawgo (Mit)
Demetrio Castellucci (Musikkomposition)
Gavino Murgia (Musik & Stimme)
Annegret Schalke (Lichtdesign)
Werkstattkollektiv (Kostümdesign & -herstellung)
Piersandra Di Matteo (JUMP network) (Dramaturgische Unterstützung)
Daniela Frau (Einblick Psychoanalytische Theorie)
Michele Piazzi (Technische Leitung)
Annegret Schalke (Technische Leitung)
Sofia Fantuzzi (Produktionsmanagement)
Aurélie Martin (Management & Distribution)
Federica Giuliano (VAN) (Italienische Administration)
Eleonora Cavallo (VAN) (Logistik)
Walter Freitag (techn. Produktionsleitung) (Techniker*innen (Sophiensaele))
Falk Windmüller (Techniker*innen (Sophiensaele))
Conradin Dreßler (Techniker*innen (Sophiensaele))
Marian Kipphoff (Azubi) (Techniker*innen (Sophiensaele))
Philip Nixon (Techniker*innen (Sophiensaele))
Josephine Mielke (Techniker*innen (Sophiensaele))
Ernesto Hernandez (Techniker*innen (Sophiensaele))
Veit Mahnert (Techniker*innen (Sophiensaele))
Hanna Gudenau (Techniker*innen (Sophiensaele))
Arnaud Lesage (Techniker*innen (Sophiensaele))
Lena Michaelis (Audiodeskription)