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With diverse and inclusive program from 11-17 clock

Big Inclusion Day for and with people with and without disabilities!

We cordially invite you to our inclusive program in our exhibition space and garden!

Together with our cooperation partner dynamis e.V. Berlin, we offer you creative painting activities, inclusive short tours and a drop-in workshop within the exhibition dedicated to Paul Jaray and much more! Admission is free, as on every first Sunday of the month!

We look forward to your visit!

Garden programme:

Mix the Diversity – creative painting activity

Forehead, mouth, neck… one here, one there – always different. We celebrate diversity in ever-evolving portrait variations. The variety is endless and just fun!

Bicycle Cab

Need a pick-up service?

We will drive you back and forth between the bus stop (Brücke-Museum/Kunsthaus Dahlem) and the Kunsthaus Dahlem area in a bicycle cab and bring you comfortably to Kunsthaus Dahlem.

Painting Machine – creative painting activity

It’s just fun moving the painting machine and seeing how slowly a picture of abstract patterns emerges!

Exhibition space programme:

Jaray Inclusive
Start: at 12:00, 13:00, 15:00, 16:00 (the duration of each tour is about 40 minutes)

During these inclusive short tours, visitors can use proposed creative methods to experience the exhibition space and selected objects through different senses. The offer is aimed at children and adults with and without disabilities.

13:00 – 17:00
Which idea would you »save« the world with?
Drop-in workshop for children, young people, families and anyone who wants to join in!

How to build a particularly economical car? What shape should it have? Paul Jaray had the answers. He was an artist and inventor. His ideas flowed primarily into the automobile’s design and are still very interesting for sustainable thinking. Today, we take his inventions as an occasion to ask: which idea would you save the world with? Draw, knead, or in any other way embody your ideas and share them with others.

The Red Museum Chair

You can be moved through the exhibition with a rolling museum chair. Take advantage of this opportunity! Talk to our colleagues in the museum supervision!
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