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Reulecke & Janek are working since 15 years intensively together. As a duo or in collaboration with other performers and artists, the two shared the stage over a 200 times for the aim of composing live, in real time together.

  • Ingo Reulecke - dance
  • Stina Nilson - dance
  • Klaus Janek-  double bass
Reulecke & Janek consider the space and audience, urbanitiy or rurality as equal important on the result, as sound and movement. The two worked on their interests in researching nature, in the artist research group “Bergdenken”, they examined their artistic practice in residencies, in the Alps and Region of Brandenburg, they cofounded the group “Grapeshade” which toured in Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, presenting their arts in performances and festivals. 

Stina Nilsson, dance artist, improvisor, runs since years the interdisciplinary lab Studio Silk in Jönköping. Before moving to her hometown Jönköping she was an active member of the dance and performance improvisation scene in Berlin, dedicated almost exclusively to improvisation.