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TUSCH – Theatre & School

The cooperation with the Willy Brandt Team School enters its third and final year in the new school year. After a digital WhatsApp drama (invited to the Festival Schultheater der Länder) and a stage play with multi-variant superpower, Sofie Hüsler now invites the TUSCH class to explore the current concept of beauty.

Deutsches Theater Außenansicht
Deutsches Theater Außenansicht © Arno Declair

In the Spiegelfoyer of the Deutsches Theater, there are many opportunities to look at oneself in the mirror. Do I find myself beautiful? What is beauty and how do I want to show myself - in everyday life and in photos? In the artistic core project, the students deal with currently prevailing body ideals and contemporary selfie culture.

Their artistic research is inspired by the Junges DT production IM SPIEGELSAAL by Liv Strömquist, the elaborate self-stagings of the visual artist Cindy Sherman and the Instagram activities of the young people themselves. Director Sofie Hüsler combines these themes on stage with the biographical experiences of the young people. In the moving images by video artist:in Toni Lind, they have the opportunity to stage themselves according to their own wishes.

(Program in German)
Additional information
A play development within the framework of TUSCH – Theatre & SchoolDirection: Sofie Hüsler
Participating artists
Sofie Hüsler (Künstlerische Leitung)
Toni Lind (Video)
Spiegelfoyer DT
Spiegelfoyer DT