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Blöde Fragen – Blöde Antworten

In her new program "Blöde Fragen - Blöde Antworten" (Stupid Questions - Stupid Answers), Ilka Bessin talks about oddities in everyday life, unsuccessful sex practices and quirkiness in old age, and much more. She gives answers to "How do you remain a real feline predator in bed even when you're almost fifty?", "How do you deal humorously with life's chaos?" or "How do you bring a stool sample to the post office with dignity?"

Columbia Halle
Columbia Halle © visitBerlin, Foto SSw

Whoever is here will know who Ilka Bessin is at the end of the show and will have no more stupid questions, no more stupid answers. Ilka Bessin is back! Ilka Bessin even closer, even more private - and completely without make-up.

Ilka Bessin can also be funny without a pink jogging suit. After all, clothing is only a changing external thing. Being funny comes from the inside, just like beauty. And there's no arguing about taste. In the early 2000s, Ilka Bessin developed her stage character "Cindy aus Marzahn," an overweight long-term unemployed woman from Berlin-Marzahn with a penchant for pink clothing, and became one of Germany's most successful comedians.

In 2016, she gave up the art figure and started anew - as herself: The artist is versatile and has many interests. She has her own fashion label, is committed to socially disadvantaged families and published her biography. In 2019, she went on tour for the first time as Ilka Bessin with her solo program "Abgeschminkt und trotzdem lustig" and showed everyone that she can make people laugh even without a pink jogging suit. In 2022 Ilka Bessin returns to the big stage with her new stage program "Blöde Fragen - blöde Antworten", because making people laugh is Ilka's passion.


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