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A documentary music theater about Olga Benario

Raising the voice - Olga Benario is a woman who believes she can make a difference. In 1925, at the age of 17, she leaves her bourgeois home and joins the Communist Youth League (KJDV) in Berlin-Neukölln. In Moscow she is trained as a secret agent and in Brazil she prepares the revolution as a bodyguard of the "Knight of Hope". 

Portrait Olga Benario
Portrait Olga Benario © Promo

Losing her voice

In 1936, the pregnant Olga was handed over to the Gestapo. In 1942 she was murdered.

She was able to give one song to her daughter Anita, who was born in Nazi custody, when they separated:

Comes a bird flown

Sits down on my foot

Has a note in its beak

A greeting from her mother

Dear bird fly on

Take my greeting with you and a kiss

For I cannot go with you

Cause I have to stay here

Give a voice

The artistic team around director Kathrin Herm and composer Dariya Maminova approaches Olga Benario through research:

Which moments of her story are still told today? Which scenes and motifs from her many books, films and poems continue to live on today? In what way?

Based on interviews with people for whom Olga Benario has a meaning, the four performers and musicians cast a variety of spotlights on Benario's life, also circling around the question of whether we can still believe in an alternative world today. 

Thus, between contemporary composition, new songs and workers' songs, a cosmos emerges that bridges 100 years.

(Program in German)
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DIRECTOR Kathrin Herm


Dariya Maminova

DRAMATURGY Änne-Marthe Kühn


VIDEO Tin Wilke

WITH Fidan Aghayeva-Edler, Christian Clauß, Rita Feldmeier, Marina Frenk

We recommend a visit to the exhibition OLGA BENARIO - Approaches To A Revolutionary in the GALERIE OLGA BENARIO (Richardstraße 104):

Open on on show nights 1 hour prior to the show and on request.
Neuköllner Oper
Neuköllner Oper