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The human ambition for progress finds its strangest embodiment in the inventor Daedalus. With a compulsive mania to optimize things, he created things that initiated an irreversible process of destruction.

He is driven by the manipulative Queen Pasiphaë and the power-obsessed King Minos: in their quest for self-interested satisfaction, they challenge destiny and are ultimately confronted with a beast made of their own flesh and blood. In the middle of this apocalyptic inferno, the inventor Daedalus quarrels with his son, Icarus.

In an offbeat performance with puppets, masks and video projections, 7 performers enter into a battle arena against each other and create a grotesque image of a dystopian future.

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Performance Maditha Kuhfuhs, Almut Schäfer-Kubelka, Leon Schamlott, Annika Schaper, Laura Schulze, Tizian Steffen, Sven Tillmann Direction Nis Søgaard Stage, costumes, puppet designs Jonathan Gentilhomme Dramaturgy Jörg Lehmann Music Lukas Streich Puppet making Lili Laube Assistance direction Sonja Keßner Performing rights Rowohlt Verlag Co-production with HfS Ernst Busch