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How do you travel when you can't travel? Jakob Hein's entertaining novel about a hypnotist who whisks his clients away to faraway places.

Schloss Schönhausen, Barockschloss im Bezirk Pankow, Außenaufnahme
Schloss Schönhausen, Barockschloss im Bezirk Pankow, Außenaufnahme © visitBerlin, Foto: Arthur F. Selbach

A village, somewhere in the lower Oder valley. Lieselotte Sawidski has lived there ever since she can remember. Just like her neighbor Gerda. There is a cozy standstill: everyone knows everyone, one feels on the edge of the country and a little bit on the edge of socialist society, too. The biggest sight in the area is the cranes. When Gerda's grandson Micha moves in with his grandmother after being expelled from his psychology studies and stays in the crumbling farmhouse after her death, old Sawidski observes how, in addition to the cranes, strange birds from Berlin appear more and more often in her village - artists and students, primarily young women. They come and stay in Micha's farmhouse. The most scintillating rumors bring unrest to the tranquil village. A sect was being formed, and trips to the West were being organized from the farmhouse. In fact, Micha has a gift: he can hypnotize people and thus fulfill their dreams of France or California. However, Micha himself constantly comes up against the limits of the real world. And his mental travel company, which even the country music-addicted LPG chairman visits, is eyed suspiciously by the Stasi.

In cooperation with Buchlokal Pankow

Language: German

Reading in the castle garden

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Schloss Schönhausen, Schlossgarten