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performance of the children's musical from the winter vacations 2023

The musical tells what children can do for the environment. The stage play is written by ourselves. We take the songs from the Musical in a Shoebox from the Children's Musical 2021. For one week during the vacations sing (solos, in the choir), do handicrafts and play theater with other children!

Symbolbild: Leuchtturm auf Helgoland
Symbolbild: Leuchtturm auf Helgoland © Bild: SJosi/pixabay | Ev. Patmos-Kirchengemeinde Steglitz

On Sunday, February 5, it will be performed: For the parents, friends, girlfriends, relatives as well as the congregation.

The stage set and costumes will be designed by the children themselves. Professional musicians will accompany the performance.

More info/registration:
Jinyoung Woogt, cantor and director of the Steglitz Children's Choir: kantorin(at)

Registration until 14.01.2023!

Admission: free. Donations are welcome.
Additional information
Patmos Gemeinde Steglitz