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The Gardens of the World: an enchanting place between Renaissance and Korean garden, oriental courtyard and the prefab skyline of Marzahn on the horizon.

Imagine discovering this gem of the East with poetry, humor, short stories, slam and fairy-tale reveries, spoken live by the Künstler:innen of the Berlin Kiezpoeten. The radio headphones enrich the voices with sound effects and soundscapes as if you were in the middle of the stories while strolling through the gardens.

With only 40 guests, the "Hörspiel Slam To Go" is one of the most intimate live readings in the city: you rarely get this close to the artists. A bit of live radio play, a bit of poetry slam, a bit of guided Sunday stroll through the gardens. The perfect afternoon and evening outing.

And: admission to the Gardens of the World is included, of course.

Book your ticket in advance now and secure one of the few seats!

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